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Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry for Children

Dr. Matthews is the first pediatric dentist in North Houston to utilize the new laser dental technology on a full time basis, and he has spent the last 11 years mastering this technology. The “drill-less” system, called Biolase, is a revolutionary dental tool that uses a combination of laser energy and water to perform a variety of dental procedures with fewer shots and less anesthesia. In fact, 90% of the patients require no shots to remove decay and fill a tooth due to Dr. Dai’s & Dr. Matthews’ minimally-invasive technique! Minimal removal of tooth structure equates to a stronger tooth for the future! With antsy, impatient young patients in the chair, BIOLASE lasers will equip you with the ability to deliver comfortable, quick, minimally invasive dentistry.  Reduce, or even eliminate the needle and drill in many hard tissue cases, and enjoy the ease and elegance that a laser brings to managing the surgical zone during the procedure.

  • Remove tooth decay without a high-speed handpiece and the loud, vibrating noises children dislike.
  • Less pain/discomfort — with little to no anesthesia required.
  • Reduce bacteria at the cavity site.
  • Remove cavities in less time due to reduction/elimination of shots.
  • Fewer follow-ups and patient visits are required with same day, multi-quadrant treatment.

We offer frenectomy procedures with laser technology. It bladeless, bloodless, sutureless 

The recommendation for a lip (labial) or tongue (lingual) frenectomy is based upon the child’s symptoms, examination of their mouth and parent/pt’s choice. The procedure may help to restore anatomy, function, and/or possibly prevent commonly associated future problems. There are two most common types of frenectomy – labial and lingual frenectomy.  

Lip Tie (labial): A tight upper/lower lip frenulum attachment may compromise lip mobility and appear as a tight lip. If the upper labial frenum attaches close to the ridge or into the palate a future diastema (gap between the teeth) may occur. Note that diastema most likely also requires orthodontic treatment (braces) to correct. In some instances a lip tie may also result in perio (gum) issues and speech problems.  

Tongue Tie (lingual): A tight lower tongue frenulum attachment may restrict the mobility of the tongue and appear as a cupping or heart shaped tongue when the tongue is elevated. Tongue tie may result in difficulty in breast feeding, speech problems and/or possible malocclusion. 

At Our office, laser is used to perform the frenectomy so there is minimal bleeding or post-operative discomfort. Alternative treatment includes no treatment, use of scalpel surgical scissors.  Advantages (benefits) of laser vs. scalpel or scissors include less bleeding and no sutures (stitches).  

It is important to understand that depending on the type, improvement with breastfeeding (for our infant patients)/speech may not be immediate. It can take a little bit of time for your child to learn how to use his/her tongue in an effective manner. We will provide you with information on tongue exercises the child needs to do and we also encourage you to return to your lactation consultant/speech therapist and continue appropriate therapies.