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5 Fun Tooth Fairy Facts You Never Knew

added on: August 24, 2020

Did you know that the Tooth Fairy is so good at what she does, she has two honorary days named after her? As it turns out, one of those days is in August on the 22. (Her other day is February 28, in case you were wondering.)

At our pediatric dental office in Spring, we have a close connection to the Tooth Fairy and the joy she brings our littlest patients. Losing a tooth isn’t so bad when it could mean a lucrative visit from our good old friend Ms. Tooth Fairy. 

Since she’s so important in our kiddo’s journey into a lifelong dedication to oral health, why not get to know more about everyone’s favorite tooth collector.

1) Her outfit varies by country. – She must have one massive closet because the Tooth Fairy doesn’t necessarily wear a fancy dress while working outside of the states. Ask children in France, Belgium, and many Spanish-speaking countries, what the Tooth Fairy looks like, and you might be surprised by the answer you get. Because in these places, our fairy friend completes her tooth duties dressed as a tiny, friendly, furry little mouse. 

2) She’s aging well. – As far as we know, the Tooth Fairy is over a hundred years old. (She really gets around for someone her age!) The first known mention of anything related to her was in the Chicago Daily Tribune way back in 1908.

3) She makes a big haul. – Ever wondered how many teeth the Tooth Fairy collects in just one evening? Take a guess! It’s estimated that she collects about 300,000 teeth every single night. That’s a ton of teeth. 

4) Where do the teeth go? – It’s believed that the Tooth Fairy uses these teeth to help build the fairy community where she lives. Other times she will make jewelry for herself and her friends. 

5) She’s sneaky and stealthy. – After all these years, we still don’t know precisely how the Tooth Fairy manages to snatch teeth out from under all those pillows. She’s so good at what she does that it’s almost impossible to tell if she was there or not. You just have to wait until morning, look under your pillow, and see what she left behind. 

Whether your child is experiencing his first loose tooth or nearing the end of his Tooth Fairy days, we know that the Tooth Fairy prefers healthy, cavity-free teeth. To help ensure your child receives a maximum trade for his pearly whites, visit his pediatric dentist in Spring at least twice a year. 

Searching for a pediatric dentist for your little one? We always love new patients and welcome you to call our [sc name=”blog_cta”] to make an appointment with a dentist who may be able to help you find out more about this topic, and improve your oral health.


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