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20423 Kuykendahl Rd Ste 600, Spring, TX 77379
New Patients: 281-378-6515 Current Patients: 281-376-2405

Fun, Friendly Pediatric Restorative Dentistry

Gentle Dental Fillings in Spring

No matter how hard we work both as children and adults to take care of our oral health, sometimes dental problems happen.

This includes cavities and decay or the need for dental fillings and crowns in Spring — we can even help reverse the adverse health effects of nursing bottle decay.

Our doctors have invested in laser technology specifically designed to help children relax while undergoing any pediatric restorative dentistry treatment.

We’ll never leave you and your family in the dark, thanks to a deep dedication to discussing all options and answering all questions before these preceding with restorative care.

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We generally recommend that kiddos have sealants and fluoride protection to avoid having dental fillings in Spring. However, you can still develop a cavity or two — no matter how well your children brush their teeth. If your child does have cavities, a tooth-colored filling is placed after the cavity is removed. For those parents requesting more holistic/biologic options for care, we offer non-fluoride, non-metal restorative options, including biocompatible materials when appropriate.


Sometimes a cavity deeply damages a primary tooth, leaving an area that’s too large to be fixed with a filling. In pediatric restorative dentistry, we might recommend a crown to cap the damaged tooth. Crowns can be carefully crafted and customized into a composite, tooth-colored material to help protect the remaining tooth. For those parents requesting a more holistic/biologic approach to dental crowns, we will utilize biocompatible materials where possible.


Decay and cavities can take over, and we have to clean them out using endodontics or “root canals.” While we don’t use them regularly in pediatric restorative dentistry, we do have solutions. For baby teeth that need help, we can do that in our office. For permanent teeth root canals, we refer you to a trusted specialist.

Oral Surgery

If your little one needs oral surgery or a minor extraction, we have the training and technology to remove their tooth safely. For more major treatments or wisdom teeth, we can bring in highly-skilled specialists such as a periodontist and an oral surgeon who treat your child in the comfort of our office.


We have invested in some of dental care’s best technology because it makes your family’s pediatric restorative dentistry experience that much more memorable and enjoyable for all the right reasons. We take dental fillings in Spring to the next level with Biolase laser technology to make soft tissue surgeries a breeze. Our office is also equipped with a 3-D printer and a high-tech CBCT scanner. We also rely on safe Ozone therapy, BPA-free products, and surgically Clean Air devices.

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