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20423 Kuykendahl Rd Ste 600, Spring, TX 77379
New Patients: 281-378-6515 Current Patients: 281-376-2405

Experience the SureSmile® Aligner Difference

For More Advanced Teeth Straightening

The more kids we meet and join us at our office, the more we care so much about them, their smiles, and their families.

It’s easy to grow close to every patient, wanting to provide them with nothing less than stellar pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, and advanced teeth straightening.

SureSmile® Advanced 3-D Planning uniquely combines our style of high-quality care with the skills and expertise of the digital lab to work simultaneously to straighten your smile using this highly advanced technology.

Kids enjoy excellent results in a faster amount of time! Over 90 percent of patients trust their dentist and SureSmile® to improve their child’s smile.

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How Does it Work?

SureSmile® Advanced 3-D Planning helps us create braces for you using some of dentistry’s most amazing technology for a more precise, comfortable smile and advanced teeth straightening.

The first step: Advanced Imaging

SureSmile® carefully constructs a 3-D computer model of your child’s bite with advanced image scanning. This is how your incredible journey begins.

The second step: Prescriptive Planning

The 3-D model shows us exactly how teeth fit together, and we take this information to the treatment planning software. Here, we can determine the final position of your teeth and an effective plan of treatment.

The third step: Robotic Accuracy

Bring on the robots! After creating a custom treatment plan, a robot can shape a special memory alloy archwire that perfectly matches our prescription.

The Benefits of SureSmile® Advanced 3-D Planning

This method of advanced teeth straightening enables your orthodontist to provide you with the high-quality results you’ve been looking for. Due to its high levels of precision, teeth are guaranteed to move directly to their prescribed locations with fantastic accuracy. Patients experience less overall discomfort and reduced pain because fewer wire adjustments are necessary throughout your SureSmile® advanced teeth straightening process. Another added benefit? This type of orthodontic treatment has improved efficiency, requiring fewer office visits, more convenience, and less time wearing braces — only about six months!

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Happy patients = Happy parents! Everyone wins when you get to experience exceptional service and comfortable children’s dentistry. See what parents have to say about Matthews & Dai!

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